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Friday, 5 December 2014

Blissful Water Birth of Our Son

Just to share the pregnancy and birth story of our miracle baby :-)
Hopefully it inspires other families to consider more on gentle birthing, InshaAllah.

First Trimester:
Got to know I was pregnant just a 4 weeks. Could feel some changes such as light headedness and increase olfactory sensations. Did a UPT and it was confirmed :-) Shared the news with Hubby, family and some friends.

It was indeed a miracle since just few weeks before that, I got really interested to know more on gentle birthing, bought the AMANI Birth book & so inspired by it and some of the gentle birth stories I read. As I was wishing to experience a gentle birth someday, Alhamdulillah, Allah blessed us with this new pregnancy!

Surveyed for a healthcare provider and the options we had for antenatal care and birthing. My hubby was new to gentle birthing concept but he just kindly agreed to my wishes.. Alhamdulillah, heard so much about Dr.Idora from Pantai KL and decided to make an appointment to meet her at 7 weeks pregnancy. She seemed to be supportive of my ideas of birthing Alhamdulillah, so we decided to continue with her throughout the pregnancy.

My only drawback at first trimester was having GERD annd terrible vomitting until I lost 5kg during the first trimester. At first, I tried my best not to take any medications and tried all sorts of natural remedies like ginger, honey etc. None seemed to work, and with worry that I might not provide enough nutrients for my baby, I resorted to taking PPI for 2 weeks. Alhamdulillah, at 14 weeks pregnancy, vomitting resolved and appetite caught up :-)

2nd Trimester

Blissfully uneventful. Found out we were expecting a boy at 15 weeks POA. Felt fetal kick at 16 weeks POA while performing terawikh on 1st Ramadhan during 1st rakaat Terawikh. Alhamdulillah managed to fast the whole month of Ramadhan.

Did Antenatal Exercises like Tailor Sitting, Squats, Walking on Treadmill & Belly dancing.
Alhamdulillah felt perfectly healthy during my 2nd trimester. Happy that I got to resume with daily chores as usual.

3rd Trimester

Pressure symptoms like pelvic pressure, frequent urination and sciatica catching up. Many sleepless nights & indeed exhausted. Slowed down on exercise, just did normal household stuff like cooking, light walking here & there and concentrated more on Kegel exercise. Getting excited & nervous at the same time :-)


Sunday, 30 November

4 a.m: Woke up with painful surge. Timed surges around 1 in 10.
6 a.m: Waited for Subuh, showered and prayed. Applied clary sage essential oil on my ankles to help increase surges. Went to sleep soon.
10 a.m: Woke up with surges again. Told hubby about it. We called labour room to book a waterbirth suite for us.
4 p.m: Arrived at labour room. CTG showed contractions 1 in 6. Upon VE, I was told cervix was still posterior & only 1 cm dilated. Adviced to go home & rest, let nature takes it course.
Feeling a bit dissapointed, we went hime  tht day.

Next 2 days was just the same. I was restless & exhausted with on & off contractions.
On Tuesday night, 2nd December, Hubby let me rest alone in our room while he took tge kids to another room to sleep. I on the diffuser & put some Balance Essential Oil in it. Again applied clary sage oil on my ankles. Alhamdulillah, I got such wonderful sleep that nightt.

Wednesday, 3rd December 2014

1 p.m: Felt surges becoming stronger. Rested on bed after Zuhur prayers.
5 p.m: Woke up with painful surges again. Told hubby & we decided to go to labour room after Magrib prayers.
9 p.m: Contractions showed 1 in 3 at labour room. Upon VE, cervix still only 1cm. I was upset but Hubby was convinced that I was in true labour this time around. We stayed on in labour room that night.

Hubby on the diffuser with Balance essential oil.
Time to time he fed me with dates & also let me drink
"Air Bunga Fatimah". Both are supposed to provide energy & help with muscle contractions.

12 a.m: Surges getting stronger. I was so restless, walking around the room & squatting with each surge. I felt squatting helps to relief pain & also help open pelvic outlet to descend baby. I called the midwive for VE. Still no progress..definitely was upset but hubby told me to stay strong & reminded me, every surge is bringing us closer to the baby..

Hubby put on the Ocean Serenade music to keep me calm while he dozed off a while. I worked on tolerating the contractions, reminding myself not to fight the pain but to work with it as it serves as a purpose (to help me bring out the baby). I tried relaxing all the muscles including my jaws while the contractions came so that all energy can be focused on the uterus doing its job. This went on until 6 a.m.

6 a.m: Cleared my bladder & requested for VE. Had some bloody show. Upon VE, dilated 3cm. Hubby informed the nurses that I am a fast progresser once dilated. They got the water tub ready for me. He also applied Helichrysium Essential Oil on my back to prevent hemorrhage.

8.30 a.m: Was in so much pain, started losing control. Upon VE was 5 cm dilated.
Started behaving differently & was in so much pain. Thank God hubby was with me all the way, holding my hand, rubbing my back & praying for me.

9 a.m: Dr arrived. VE 7cm. Was told that I could get in the water tub.
They nurses helped me into the tub.
Subhanallah, the warm water was such a pain relief!!
They on the Ocean Serenade music again to comfort me.
The nurses kept on pouring warm water and comforting me.
Dr Idora was so gentle with her words. I remember her saying " Just go with the urge". & " Keep breathing well "..

9.15 a.m: Felt urge to bear down. I was in a sitting reclining position.
wanted to squat but had no more energy to do so.
With each surge, I breathe my baby out into the world.
Hubby was there stroking my head and saying kind words. After few pushes, my baby's head was out along with his amniotic sac. It broke when he was halfway out.

9.20 a.m: Baby was out & on my chest. Muhammad Saiful Islam was born at 3.14kg.
We came out of the tub & Dr. Idora started stitching me soon (I had just 2 stitches for some superficial tear).
while stitching was going on, my baby latched like a champion, Alhamdulillah. He did the breast crawl thing & found his way to latch!
Soon the cord dried out (we had about 10 minutes of delayed cord clamping)  and my hubby was given the honour to cut the cord. Few seconds later, felt the urge to push out the placenta & it was out naturally.
We then had 2 hours of skin to skin time.

Alhamdulillah, felt so empowered and refreshed by this experience. Hubby seemed amazed too & mentioned he was proud that I did it without anaesthesia! To me, he was my pain relief..nothing can beat a loving support during labour!

p/s: Couldnt have done it without my hubby! Special credits to all who supported & encouraged me towards gentle birthing. Love u Mummies!

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