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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Tips on Pumping Breastmilk

Worried about not producing enough milk stock for baby while you are at work?

Which pumps to choose? How long & frequent to pump?

Which breastpumps to choose ? How to increase milk production?

All these are common thoughts that goes through a breastfeeding mother’s mind.
Worry not mummies! Here are some tips to ease your breastfeeding journey.

How Long & Often to Pump?

1. A Quality Breastpump is able to remove on average 99.4% of available breastmilk
from breast within 5 minutes of commencing pumping.

2. After 15 minutes of pumping, only minimal volumes will be removed after that
time period.

3. So, time recommended to pump (per breast) is 5 to 15 minutes.

4. You are recommended to pump according to baby’s normal feeding schedule at
home (while baby is with you). Meaning, if baby usually feeds every 3 hours or
so, try to mimic that timing while you are at work & pump every 3 hours or so.

Which Breastpump To Use?

1. Breastpumps are based on individual preference as every mother has different
preferences, priorities, budget & lifestyles.

2. A double, electric breastpump is highly recommended because double pumping
(pumping both breasts at the same time) saves the mother time and has been
shown to result in higher milk output than when using a single breastpump
(pumping each breast seperately).

3. A breastpump which is lightweight, portable & comes with a handsfree kit will
ease mothers to pump. When mothers feel at ease to pump, most likely mothers
will pump consistently. CONSISTENCY of milk removal is very important because
the more milk is removed from the breast, the more milk will be produced.

What Else Can I do to Increase Breastmilk Output
While Pumping?

1. Massage breasts before & while using electric breastpump. Finish pumping
session with hand expression method. The average milk production increases
by 48% when combining breast massage & hand expression during pumping

2. Look at baby’s photos or videos or sniff baby’s clothes while pumping. This can
increase oxytocin hormone (one of the main hormones in breastfeeding) & result
in better milk output.

3. Having some nutritious, yummy snacks OR comforting, warm drink during
pumping also helps mothers get energized & relaxed, hence helps to increase
oxytocin flow & result in better milk output.

Where Can I Get Quality & Affordable Breastpumps?

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Where Can I Get Breastfeeding Support?

1. For Breastfeeding Consultation with Certified Lactation Counselor, you may
enquire for appointment via whatsapp 019.5005959 or click here for enquiry.

2. For Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Support, click here to find a Peer Counselor.

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