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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Handling EBM during Blackout (Power Failure)

In my 18 months of breastfeeding / breastmilk feeding, there has been 2 episodes of which there was electricity power failure.

1st time it happened last year, when my baby was about 10 months and deep freezer was full with EBM.
I was at work that afternoon when my helper called from home telling me that there was a power failure. First thing crossed my mind was that kids are surely going to be uncomfortable and was worried about my EBM. I called TNB and was told that it was a major discruption and should be fine within roughly 6 hours.
Called hubby and asked him about what I should do about my EBM  and he said it should be fine and would not melt in deep freezer within 6 hours provided we didn't keep opening and closing it as it would disturb the temperature if we did so.

Being super worried about the 1000++ EBM I had in my deep freezer and worked so hard to pump and collect it, I went home to `rescue' the EBM. I was a panicked as it is the first time such thing happened. I bought some ice from 7-eleven on the way home.

 At home, I took out the EBM from deep freezer and arranged it alternating with ice in large plastics. I sprinkled some salt as it is supposed to slow down the process of ice melting and help retain coolness.

Then, I placed the EBM into picnic cooler box like the ones in the picture. (Being paranoid me, I thought of blackout and what I would do to rescue EBM, and bought few of these as standby  months ago).


Anyway, ironically, after nicely arranging the EBM in plastics with ice in cooler boxes, the electricity came back (just after 2 hours of being off)!!! Should have left the EBM in deep freezer right? *Sigh* Hubby was right!

So second time around, went the power went off, I just kept calm knowing that I have cooler boxes and ice to `rescue' the EBM if the power went off more that 6 hours. I left the EBM in deep freezer without opening it, and 5 hours later, the electricity came back. I checked my EBM and it was just as good and no signs of melting, Alhamdulillah.

Hope this was helpful..

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